Thursday, 27 July 2017

Term 2 Book Review

This story is about a boy called Hooey Higgins. There are two main characters in this story by the name of Hooey Higgins and a boy called Twig. I think this is a great and funny book because for me it was very entertain able and I found this book very interesting. It is a little bit easy for me to guess the ending of the story because this book was mostly about Hooey, Twig and some other people were making different awards and Twig thought that he was totally going to win one but he didn't and then Hooey's mum or grandmother made baking that Twig thought of and she won so she made an award and gave it to Twig. During this book lots and lots of weird and exciting things happen like something weir was when Twig was rubbing chicken fat or turkey fat on his chest and something exciting was when Twig won a award.  

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